I want to be a snow bird!!

I love Tampa …

But I really miss Minneapolis!

I love Maine too … I would love to split my time between either Minneapolis or Maine and Tampa but Keith isn’t interested.

It’s so neat to walk by the river in our old neighborhood and have dinner outside at one of our favorite places.

8 thoughts on “I want to be a snow bird!!

  1. Yesterday Minneapolis had a heat index of 115, but that isn’t typical. I miss living there too sometimes and still have family there. Enjoy your visit.

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  2. I think you travel a lot without two homes and that Keith travels even more. Sometimes a nest is good for the soul and maybe two nests would be too many for some birds!


  3. Oh how I wish my ancestors had settled in a state that was more pleasant than Northern Indiana. (Actually they settled in Chicago for the manufacturing as all of my father’s brother worked for US Steel). But why oh why didn’t Terry and I move to the southwest as we talking about doing when we met. Sometimes I wonder how our life would be different. I have no love of the memories of snow storms we lived through or the year we watched fireworks on the 4th covered in blankets,
    xx, Carol


  4. We travel in the winter as St.Louis is very cold January-March. We also have a cottage on the Illinois River. Taking care of two homes is a great deal of work plus traveling too. We do okay though and I expect you would too.


  5. Hi Mary! You have a wanderlust heart, but you can always return to visit! You wouldn’t have missed last winter when it was -40 in January. You two will work out what’s best for you, and I wouldn’t be surprised to hear of a move to a different spot. ~smile~ Roseanne


  6. It would be nice to be a snowbird. We have thought about doing the same but don’t want 2 houses to maintain. I love the Seattle area but it would be nice to get away for a couple of months in winter. So far we have only managed a week or two. Maybe someday…


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