10.5 miles

It almost did me in … but I biked 10.5 (hilly) miles along the Mississippi River without my pedal assist bike!!

I started out planning to do a 4 mile loop but it was such a gorgeous day I didn’t want my ride to end so I decided to continue another 6+ miles to Minnehaha Falls. I’d forgotten how hilly this section along the river was and I did have to stop a couple times but I made it to the Falls and then caught the Lightrail back to downtown. I really wish Tampa had better bike trails!!

Minneapolis has a bike rental program and while the first bike I rented had some issues, I was able to swap it out at another station and continue along my way. They have lots of stations and I was able to bike from downtown to the Falls and turn the bike in there rather than having to ride back which was great because I wouldn’t have attempted it if I’d had to do a round trip!

5 thoughts on “10.5 miles

  1. So THAT’s what Minnehaha Falls looks like! My mother insisted we go see the falls when we were on vacation when we were kids and we drove there, only to find the falls had dried up because they were having a drought. We joked for years that they weren’t a Mini-haha, they were a Major-haha! Wish we had seen them with water!


  2. When my grandson and his family moved to CA, they traveled in their 5th wheel and took MANY detours along the way. One place they visited was to stay somewhere in upper Minnesota near falls. He took the opportunity to do what I have always wanted to do…see this beautiful country.

    South Bend has Lime Bikes to rent. The city is gradually adding bike routes to the major streets. I think it’s a wonderful idea, though Terry no so much. He is resistant to change.
    xx, Carol


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