1. We have had several dogs. Each one was special in their own way and always missed. However, I have had the joy of friending two very special to me dogs and had a mutual affection and devotion between us. You never ever stop missing them.
    xx, Carol

  2. Loved following Chesty’s antics. He had such personality as shared by you. Loved following him and I know you miss him. Finn is very different but seems to be to a loving companion.

  3. He looks like he was such a happy boy. 13 years of love. Go love on Finn so both of you can feel better.
    many hugs from TX.

  4. Such a cute picture of Chesty. He was a cutie! I know how much you must miss him. While I have Sassy, and I love her so much, I still miss my Bootsy. There are some little dogs that just fill our lives and hearts with their love and companionship that is never forgotten.

  5. He was a cutie. It seems like some dogs you just have a special connection with. I’ve had that and it is so hard when they leave us. My little dog Sofie is also very special. She has some issues and depends on us so much. I have a really hard time leaving her to go on vacation. I feel I am the only one who can really truly keep her safe. It will be hard when it is time for her to leave us. She is 8 so we do have a few years left, hopefully!

  6. Very cute picture of Chesty! Always enjoyed reading posts about him. Enjoy your memories and give Finn a hug!

  7. Mary, I think Chesty gave you as much love as he received! I loved seeing pictures and stories about him. Now I love what I read and see of Finn. Our pups all have a special place in our hearts. I know that ours do.

  8. I always loved seeing pictures and stories of/about Chesty. My daughter’s Bichon must be about 14, or close. He’s really slowed down a lot. We’ll all miss him so much when he crosses the rainbow bridge.

  9. We miss our Bugs everyday, too. He was 17 when he passed last year. Some pets crawl into your heart and live there forever! It’s so wonderful to remember how much we love him but we surely miss him, as well. I’m sure he is waiting for us on the other side of the veil and will be there to greet us the day we cross over as well. Hang on to that thought. Chester will be there for you!

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