I’ve mentioned before how much I dislike sashing quilts but I do it when it’s necessary and I loved the wide sashing on my vintage inspiration quilt so I knew this one would get sashing from the beginning. By the way, those two corner blocks are darker but it’s the lighting that makes them look so much darker than the other blues in the quilt.

I’m very happy with this one! I was also happy that I was able to measure and pin the borders on my “big board” rather than crawling around on the floor.


  1. Awesome finish! The wide sashing does look just right especially with the 4-patch cornerstones. And the peachy shell stitch afghan you were working on is really pretty.

    Hope Keith is back feeling good today. Dehydration and heat exhaustion can sure be serious.

  2. It turned out great. I dislike trying to measure and cut long pieces too. I have a really long table in our shed but no place to put it in our house.

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