This one may be a little too wonky for you … and it can definitely use a little blocking.

However, it’s really pretty when it’s draped on a chair (and I’m sure it will also be pretty wrapped around a baby and you won’t even notice the wonkiness)!

Pattern can be found free on Ravelry – Moss Stitch in a Square blanket

Yarn was Lion Brand Big Scoop (1) skein using a (G) hook and it’s about 34 inches square.


  1. Beautiful color but I am not a fan of wonky. But like you said, once wrapped around a baby you would never notice anyway so I guess I doesn’t matter. Very pretty though!!

  2. Wonky, schmonky… when there'[s a precious baby all cuddled up in this, it’ll look perfect! I love it… the color is fabulous!

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