I’ve believed from the beginning that Trump uses hate and bigotry to gain support. I believe he is responsible in part for the hate inspired killings that continue to occur in our country. I want the world to know he does not represent me or my beliefs and I want our leaders to actually DO something about these killings and not just send condolence messages.

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  1. I agree 100%. There is so much corruption I don’t know how to dig ourselves out of this. It’s beyond ridiculous.

  2. Mary: I have loved your blog for quite some time; however, I am sadly unsubscribing from it as of today.   I understand that you disagree with our president.  I understand that you think he is a racist. However, I do not care to read about it on your quilt blog.   I, personally, believe that former President Obama is a racist.  And, I believe he misused his position to destroy America’s standing around the world by apologizing for many things that we, as Americans, are proud of!  However, I have never felt the need to post these feelings on an international blog, facebook, instagram, or any other social media.   I am sad.I am upset.I used to love your blog. Lynne’ Stucke

    • Yes, it is a quilt blog but it’s also a journal of my life and while I do NOT dwell on politics here, there are times I feel compelled to express my thoughts and feelings … on MY blog. You are free to disagree with me and free to chose not to visit.

    • I’m with you on this Lynne. I never write anything political on my FB page. I’ve seen people lose friends over it. Actually my opinion of FB, Twitter, Instagram, etc. is very low. There is a lot of hate manufactured on these social media’s.

    • Thank you for this. I 100% agree with you. I live 10 minutes from the Oregon District. My husband and I go to the restaurants down there at least once a week. I am devastated…..sad….angry.
      We have to do better and be better.

      • I’ve never restricted my blog to quilting alone. I rarely discuss politics here but I have the right to express my views and you have the right to disagree with me and to choose not to visit.

  3. Thank you, Mary, for taking a stand and making your position clear. So many people remain silent in the wake of the actions, or lack thereof, of this hate-filled administration. I truly believe that we are better than this as a people. I also believe that “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” We can bury our heads and remain silent, or speak aloud for social justice. Thank you for having the courage to speak aloud the feelings that so many of us share.

    • Brava, Mary! I knew we were kindred spirits. I’m right there with you. I’ve left FB because of all the hate and twisted rhetoric. When did it become so partisan? When did we lose the ability to disagree without becoming ugly? I applaud your showing your colors and taking a stand, and I am happy to stand with you. I live in a very conservative state and find myself biting my tongue often. There has been a groundswell of resistance lately that heartens me. We’re only 40 miles or so from Dayton and I literally woke up to the news of the massacre there on Sunday. Is it finally enough? Can we finally move toward more sensible and effective laws? I hardly dare to hope, but still…surely there comes a point where we draw the line.

    • Thank you for this post. Just as disgraceful is the silence of other politicians who stand back and say nothing and allow it to continue. Good for the Republican senator from Nebraska who finally broke party rank and spoke sense today. What is the saying – the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men (and women) to do nothing. Those of us who read history despair over what is happening. Please, everyone, call your representatives and express your anger. Demand action. Let them know this must stop. This isn’t a right or left issue. This is about our values as Americans and the kind of America our children and grandchildren will inherit.

      • I agree and while I’ve always been an Independent, Keith left the Republican Party over their failure to stand up, to speak up, and for allowing Trump to define the values of the party… or should I say the lack of values?!

  4. Thank you for saying that Mary, here in Australia we are so appalled at the gun situation in America, and those who promote it. We have our own Far Right idiots, but they’re outnumbered so far. I hope they never have the firepower that America has

    • As another Australian I am heartened by seeing so many Americans standing up and saying no to hate. We have the same problems here – politicians using the hate vote to gain office. We must all stand up and say no to racism and hate wherever we encounter it. Otherwise we go down the 1939 road to NAZIISM and Genocide. I don’t think the earth could take another dose of that. We need a lot more than thoughts and prayers.

  5. I stand with you in this, Mary. You speak the truth. Those who think otherwise, those who helped to elect tRump have blood on their hands just as much as their president does.

  6. Thank you, Mary, for having the courage to speak out!

    I pray for those who lack discernment, those who have shown moral corruption, and those who have fallen into the spell of false idols,… into a “cult of personality”.
    I never would have thought that SO many in my post-WWII generation… children of parents who sacrificed so much to stop rampant hatred, bigotry, fascism… could fall so far from grace, love, and charity. (“Agape”)
    Know, Mary, that you do not stand alone…

  7. No matter who is in office I blame the media for all the hate and division in our country and a lot of people that watch certain networks. When was the last time you heard something positive on the news? Negativity sells news.

    • I completely disagree. You only have to read Trump’s tweets to see him spreading hate and bigotry himself.


      • Trumps tweets are the only way he can fight back against the mainstream media who slams him at every turn, fighting against every democrat candidate, against anti-fa, against two democrat idiots in the house trying to keep the Russia probe alive, and many more. I dont know how the man has stood the onslaught he has received for almost 3 years. Obama was the worst president we have ever had except maybe Jimmy Carter. Carter was a do nothing, Obama’s agenda was to fundamentally change this country which he nearly managed to do. The R word is used too often in describing nearly everything. There are two sides to every story.

  8. Mary, I was a bit taken aback by your blog post. . I’m not a Trump supporter, and while I’m upset with what is happening in America and continues to happen, I’m not sure there is a single person to blame. Parents, schools, disrespect for authority, ease of purchasing assault weapons, anger, mental instability, personal loss, family violence, lack of housing & medical care, loss of jobs, and drugs. Such a violent war loving society we live in now that includes the promotion of violence on television, movies and gaming. And dare I mention social media and the internet. Or how about the news media. So many aspects come into play when these horrific acts and visions are happening and I’m not going to blame Trump for all this. It has been going on for a long time, longer than I want to remember. . I’m 76 yrs. old and have seen many decades of violence. Including the shooting of JF Kennedy, and Martin Luther King. Killings on campuses. Wars. Police violence, etc. etc. Yes, you are entitled to voice your hate of Trump, (such a strong word)– and place the blame on him, but I just wanted to say—it’s been going on long before he became president.

    • Angie, I respect your opinion and I agree, there are many factors involved and that is why I said that I believe he is responsible in part. It’s unfortunate that so many buy into his message of hate and bigotry.


  9. The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing. (Albert Einstein) this is YOUR platform to say what you wish to say, and I for one appreciate someone who has the courage to be forthright in a respectful manner about what they believe!!! THANK YOU!!! Anyone that takes the time to write a blog is entitled to write about what is important to them. so it is not just a “quilt” blog as for Trump he uses any and whatever form of social media available, and 99% of what he says is absolutely abominable. take care from Iowa

  10. If more people in the USA Took a stand as you did, maybe something might change.
    A tree grows from a tiny seed. Well done.

  11. I agree with you 100% & am so glad you came forward with your statement. I’m so tired of the “excuses” — no one will step up & say “He’s the problem” or “Guns are the problem”. My education is in forensic psychology & I can tell you that hate is not a symptom of any known mental illness. Most people suffering from a mental illness are more likely to be as victim of violence than to inflict it. Violent video games are not the problem. GUNS are the problem. Guns manned by someone who has an agenda are the problem. How many drive by strangulation have you ever heard of? How many people in a Walmart have been killed by someone (face it… a young white male) wielding a pillow to suffocate them? We all must do something — if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. Register & vote, vote, vote. Thank you for giving me a place & the courage to say this. I’m very politically attuned but never speak about it in public (Facebook, for instance). Having a safe place to say these things that I think has been so gratifying. Now I’m going to take this anger & hurt that I feel over recent events & turn it into a beautiful (I hope) quilt for someone. Something good can — AND MUST — come from all this tumult!

  12. Hi Mary! That is the absolute scariest thing for me – that our President ‘represents’ the United States of America. I hesitate to travel anywhere outside our borders, knowing that the whole world knows what a bigot he is. Many think that is the US-way. I want the whole world to know that is not me. At all. ~smile~ Roseanne

  13. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I’m upset whenever I hear the racists remarks coming from Mr Trump. I am encouraged when I see someone speak out. I’m not sure which is more upsetting, what he says or how many people support him! I say both. Also, why is it the only way people condone his behavior is by bringing up other administration’s faults. Whether you agree with a previous administration or not, the old adage, two wrongs doesn’t make it right! Let’s pray for a kind and loving country.

  14. Thank you Mary though I’m sure you will have many of your blog readers disagree with you. I just find it almost impossible to believe this lying, racist, sexual pervert is the Leader of our country. I’m just in shock how our country is so torn now. I’m finding that people who support him eventually show their racism against women, other religions, nationality. Trump loves to be the center of attention and will stir the pot constantly to keep himself in the limelight. He’s like a small child. God help us.

  15. I believe we need to know why we have left our Christian values. We need to get our morals back. I don’t usually reply to this kind of post but I felt I needed to. Blessings. Diane P.S, Angie I think your spot on. Not that it matters, but I’m 75. Maybe it’s our generation but we have seen a lot.

  16. Thank you Mary for writing what so many of us have been feeling. I am saddened that there are people in our country who feel so marginalized that they look to Trump as the leader who reflects their beliefs. We have to find a way to stop the hate and heal our divisions.

  17. You are brave Mary! Even in the comment section here I can see the anger that bubbles up and I am so sad and shocked at what people (even quilters) say, and how the perceptions of people and events are so different from those where I live (in Canada). Sending you lots of love to compensate XOXO

  18. Because we live in America, you were able to write your opinions on your blog. I am so saddened that my grandchildren may not have that right and other rights that we have enjoyed under democracy. I do agree with you. But I also think our government has become a sewer – both parties. I am 70 and have never felt so bereft of leadership. I too have lived through assassinations, too many wars, race riots, and attacks on America, to name a few. I always had faith that our country could join together and continue as a united states. I now fear our future. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on YOUR blog.

  19. “The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.” Albert Einstein. I have this quote on my refrigerator. I agree with you completely,Mary.

  20. Thank you for speaking up, Mary. Luckily we live in a country that still allows freedom of speech. Let your elected officials (at every level) with your vote that you won’t tolerate someone who is afraid to stand up against the party line. There is absolutely no reason AK 47’s should be in the hands of civilians.

  21. Thank ;you Mary!! And thank you for having the courage to state your convictions – in the most public way. I enjoy your blog and will now enjoy it even more.

  22. Thank you for so gently standing your ground without denigrating other people’s views. Well done.

    Oh, I’ve always liked the blog.

  23. Wow, why am I not surprised. I don’t believe there was a more racist president than Obama. There are so many factors to what is wrong with our country, starting with schools, parenting, media, etc.,
    but it’s easier to blame it on one person. Sad.

    • Pres. Trump does have some negatives. I don’t agree with some but I do believe he loves his country.

      • Your blog, your content! You were very tactful, I thought. As a Canadian watching, and reading reading reading lots of news, it’s obvious Trump isn’t the only cause of the situation in the US today, but he definitely fans the flames of hatred, intolerance, anger, and mistrust. He incites people to commit violent acts. He’s a disgrace, to be blunt. The Republican Party, who seem to have lost their minds/morals/personal integrity, should also be ashamed of themselves. Good for your husband and you for taking a stand. As one commenter said, the tactics being used are EXACTLY THE SAME as in Nazi Germany and other totalitarian regimes. Demonize, dehumanize, criticize, separate, imprison. And as another comment said, what did our WW II veterans fight for? To watch this ugliness play out again? I think not.

  24. Absolutely agree with you. And….this is your blog to share what you choose to, not what others may want you to say.

  25. I’d say it’s your right to give your opinion, but really you’re just spitting hate and bigotry in this newsletter!!! I have enjoyed your past newsletters but to interject politics, that’s where I UNSUBSCRIBE!


  26. I’m British and have to say that I wholeheartedly agree with your thoughts, Mary. Your President frightens me to death, and I hope that the future brings a change of Government for your country.

  27. WHY??? Why must you bring this into this conversation! Quilting no less! Politics have reached into football, coffee, ec, etc. And now quilting. I am SOOOO OFFENDED!

  28. Here’s what I wrote to my Congressman and Senators, all Democrats. ” I appreciate your and other Democratic Senators’ efforts to improve gun safety in our country. My church is an active participant in the ongoing demonstration/vigils across the street from the NRA on Waples Mill Rd., joining many other faith communities. My husband and I attended a demonstration on the 5th anniversary of the Sandy Hook school shooting. Unfortunately, this hasn’t resulted in any changes as the NRA has too much power and money. It disturbs me immensely that their HQs is in Fairfax County. Isn’t there a way to kick them out and make them move further away from the District? Maybe it will make their lobbying efforts in DC just a little more harder.

    The recent shooting in El Paso really affected me as my sister and her family live 45 minutes from there. They often shop in the Cielo Vista Mall, near the targeted Walmart. In fact, my niece was in the area the weekend before. I feel this is the closest my family members has come to a mass shooting. It is the case of “There but for the grace of God, go I”, as my niece or other family members could have been victims. It was only a matter of timing.

    Yesterday, I prayed with my congregation for the victims, and those of the Dayton shootings as well.
    One of my fellow parishioners said “We need more than thoughts and prayers. Write to your congressman and senators, and other politicians. Keep on demonstrating in front of the NRA, etc.” And so here is my note to you.”

    Anna, of Northern Virginia

  29. To the “Unsubscribers”, who will never read this because you are already gone: I see no hate or bigotry in Mary’s post. I do, however, see Mr Trump encourage violence at his rallys, smirking and silent when he asks what can we do about the immigrants, and someone shouts “Shoot them!” Is this leadership? Not the kind I want, nor the kind America needs. No, he is not the sole cause, but he has lifted the rock and enabled the haters, the white nationalists, and the racists to voice their hate. Freedom of speech is one thing. Inciting or inflicting violence is another. The shooter in El Paso echoed the sentiments of Trump in his “manifesto.” Words like “infestation”, or calling asylum seekers “animals” are the same tactics used in Germany in the 1930s. Go back and review your history. And then go find your nearest WWII veteran and ask what they fought for and against.

    What Mr Trump and his supporters who are afraid of Immigrants of color (my mother is an immigrant, albeit a “white” one, the right color [?]) fail to realize, is that America is really a kind of patchwork quilt. So many different colors, all working together to create a thing of beauty. But the quilt is only good when it is a thing joined together as a whole. Pull this patch or that patch out and you have a quilt that is compromised. There is a place for all colors; each color brings a special flavor to the quilt. The same goes for America. There is room for all.

    Lincoln quoted Jesus (Gospel of Mark 3:25) when he said that “a house divided against itself cannot stand.” Whether you are a religious person or not, these words still ring true. Trump’s words are divisive and hateful. If you are not seeing it or hearing it, you are possibly drinking the Kool-Aid or watching Faux News. I told my students that they needed to ask themselves “if everyone acted this way, would the world be a better or worse place to live?” I think we all need to look in the mirror and ask ourselves the same question.

    Thank you, again, Mary. I appreciate your courageous words on YOUR blog.

  30. Thank you, Mary, for giving me hope that there’s enough sensible people in Nebraska to make a difference. I was in despair awhile back when my step-mother and her entire family were ademately and vigourously vocal in favor of Trump during a gathering I attended. Thankfully my close friends and chosen ‘family of the heart’ are of a mind with me and life is pleasant here in Lincoln.

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