Road Trip

I’m flying to Virginia today and Mom and I will be going on a road trip. Since she moved she doesn’t see her sister as often and we’ll be visiting her in NC.

I was looking through my photos of Mom and Aunt Dot and found these two of the 3 of us … this one taken in 2008

and this one taken 10 years later in 2018. I’ve been driving Mom to NC for a number of years and I’ve enjoyed the opportunity it’s given me to spend time with her family.


  1. It’s so nice you are able to do that for your Mom, and yourself. It’s always fun to see family. My sister moved to South Dakota and I have not seen her in 4yrs. Makes me sad!! Have a great time!!

  2. For a moment I thought you had the same top on in the two photos.

    How wonderful that you can visit you mother and spend time with her. I hope you have a good road trip to your aunt’s.

  3. Your Mom never changes! She looks the same in both photos! What a wonderful lady she is. Safe travels, and have a wonderful time.

  4. Happy for you to be able to spend time with your family. I am curious about the wooden quilt blocks. Do you remember where you got them?

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