Pick Two

Mom and I head back to my sister’s house tomorrow and then I’ll fly home on Sunday so I’m starting to think about what I’m going to work on when I get home.

I know I want to get three more tops quilted this month so I was looking at my quilt photo album to see which ones were waiting. I love picking 2 colors (sometimes with the addition of a neutral and sometimes without) and making a scrappy quilt and brown and green are a favorite combination for me.

I have this Flock of Geese waiting for quilting but I haven’t decided yet if it’s going to get done this month.

Easy Flock of Geese instructions.

This Carpenter star also uses a neutral along with the brown and green and I love how it turned out. (This quilt and the next one have already been finished and donated.)

Carpenter Star instructions.

My Forest Bricks quilt uses all different shades of green with a single brown fabric and again , it’s one of my favorites.

Forest Bricks Instructions at MaryQuilts.com

What’s your favorite two color combination?!


  1. Oh my word! All of those are GORGEOUS! I’d never thought to use green & brown (except for a Pine Tree quilt) but I love that combo! I usually go for pink & brown or pink & green but now I’m gonna give this combo a try! Thank you for sharing these with us (& also including the instructions… more pretties to put on my “to do” list!). Safe travels!

  2. Brown and green, hmmm, yours are beautiful but definitely not my go to colors. I think I prefer any color and white. I love white, not cream, not off white, but pure white.

  3. Your quilts are so pretty! Never thought about picking just 2 or 3 colors but love the way yours turned out. I don’t really have a favorite color, sometimes I wish I did. I remember a class I took one time that required several different colors of fabric. When I went to my favorite quilt store to pick out fabric I found out they had taken a lot of bolts of fabric out to the fair that was going on at the time. That left me with not a great selection. I had to also do light to dark colors. I was not really happy with what I picked out, the colors were not ME, but figured I would just gift the quilt. The quilt was called the Blooming Nine Patch. Well it turned out so pretty that now it goes on my bed taking turns with a blue and cream Edtya Sitar quilt I made and love. So you just never know. I have found I worry way too much when I am picking out fabric. That is my least favorite part of quilting.

  4. I admit that I would never select brown and green for much of anything. But that third quilt blows me away. The addition of blue/green fabrics to the brown/green combo is beautiful. I haven’t made enough quilts to have a favorite combination yet but I suspect it would include those blue/green colors.

    I just cut pieces to make a Happy Block quilt for my great grandson using Marvel comic, mostly Spiderman fabrics. Man that cutting went easy!!

    xx, Carol

  5. I wouldn’t think to combine green and brown, but they all look beautiful! My favourite combos are black with red and mint green with shocking pink, they just make me happy.

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