The 9 patch and Heart top is assembled – you knew the first thing I’d work on was finishing this one up so I could start a new project right?!

Quilt notes for the 9 patch and Hearts quilt are on my website.

I also pulled the next top to be quilted – I decided on this 16 Patch UFO and when I went to look for fabric for a backing I found a green one already pieced in the backing cabinet. I have no idea which quilt I pieced it for but it’s the right size for this one so I’m going to use it. Most of the time when I piece a back for a specific quilt I hang it with that top in the closet so finding this one is unexpected.

I tell you, this thyroid cancer has really messed with my memory among other things. Sometimes I wonder if I’m ever going get back to normal again.


  1. I just love the heart quilt!! And what a nice surprise finding backing for your other quilt all assembled. I feel for you and your thyroid issues. I have nothing as serious, at least I don’t think so. I have had to adjust my thyroid medication a couple of times now because of some skin issues. The doctors are not sure what is going on but my thyroid tests have been wacky lately and my body is itching like crazy. It’s been going on for 5 months and I am about to go crazy!!! Good luck with your thyroid issues. Is it trying to get your dose correct that is the problem? Sure wish our bodies wouldn’t let us down as we age. Happy sewing, quilting and crocheting!

  2. The hearts and 9-patch quilt turned out great. Working around the thunderstorms is probably a good plan, but also cuts into your sewing time.

  3. Both quilts are very nice. With as much fabric (planning, selecting, cutting, piecing) and quilting you handle, it’s not surprising that you could forget about something along the way. I have heard of memory issues and foggy brains related to cancer treatment and it sounds very difficult. I hope you’ll soon find it’s passed. Happy quilting, Mary. 🌸

  4. The hearts and nine-patch quilt is wonderful. I love the scrappiness. Glad you found a prepared backing that will work for the sixteen-patch.

  5. It might have been an unexpected find, but it looks perfect.
    Love those 16 patch quilts! I too have a green based one under way, not as pretty as yours though.

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