Memory problems!

It’s a good thing I have the blog because I’m forgetting lots of things! Keith and I were talking about Maine earlier and I was reading back over the blog entries from last October which lead to me reading entries from other months and I came across this quilt I’d drafted based on a vintage quilt found on eBay … I’d forgotten all about it!

I posted some quilt details here. I really want to make this one eventually.

Luckily, I have categories on the right sidebar so I can look for my posts by category (quilt designs in this case) always assuming I remember to categorize them!

4 thoughts on “Memory problems!

  1. I am getting ready to start a blue and green quilt for my son and his wife. All they sent me was a picture of a quilt with half square triangles. You have given me a number of patterns with half square triangles and this is just another one. I love this one.


  2. I look back on my blog posts pretty frequently searching for a picture of this or that. It can be easier than looking for archived pictures in my picture library.
    xx,. Carol


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