Easy Crochet Bear

I’ve made some crochet animals from the book Edward’s Menagerie that turned out really cute but it’s been a while. Today I was reading blogs and came across a post by Lucy at Attic24 with an easy one piece pattern for a little crochet bear and just had to share the link. I’m saving the link for this one in my project files!

Keep in mind she uses UK crochet terms in her patterns and adjust them to US crochet terms (for example in this pattern, she calls for a double crochet which is our single crochet).

Lucy’s Crochet Bear Instructions


  1. You have been busy!! Love all your happy block quilts. And this little crocheted bear is so cute! I have wanted to try crocheting an animal but don’t like getting frustrated. This might be an easy one to try. Thanks for the link!

  2. On, those little guys are “beary” cute! How neat to include one with a little quilt to match!

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