I had another follow-up appointment at Moffitt today and the news is good. My scan last month came back without any changes or new cancer growth so while I’m still considered high risk and will be monitored closely and the suppression therapy will continue – and I’ll continue to deal with the side effects – the visit was very positive.

Since I arrived early for my appointment, I found my way to the volunteer office and asked about whether they accepted donations of crochet afghans and quilts. They said they would be very happy to receive donations and that they went mostly to patients receiving infusion and chemotherapy services. I didn’t take them with me today but you know I’ve been making a bunch and have some ready to donate. I will probably wait a month or two and add to this batch before taking them since it’s a bit of a drive and I won’t have any appointments there in the next few months.

(The smaller child and baby size ones go to GA to an organization that helps abused kids).


  1. Excellent news about your stable health reports. Donations mean more than we know. Our granddaughter was in the NICU after she was born and was given a little quilt while she was there. Meant a lot to me.

  2. God is good So glad about your scan Donations —my mom was at Roswell in NY It was such a blessing They even had yarn for folks to do a square while They waited n another volunteer created blankets from the squares I want to do some and take for my next visit Visit home Each person there touched hearts and lives

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  3. I’m happy to hear you have gotten good news on the health front. I’m sure it is always a bit nerve wracking before a scan.

  4. I’m pleased your appointment went well today. May it continue. It’s just like you to take the time to think of others at a time like this. Your beautiful afgans will be a blessing to others.

  5. Wonderful news on your thyroid! My diabetes is giving me trouble with hypoglycemia. DH had to call the EMT’s Monday morning as I did not respond. Super low blood sugar. Have been in contact with my doctor.

  6. You are inspiring. I was pretty happy about making a quilt for a friend of a friend and then I see your whole page of afghans. Only kidding, I am doing my best and am happy with what I do. I would like to do more and will keep trying. You really do inspie me!

  7. Good to hear that your report came back unchanged! The suppression treatment must be working well. Your afghans all pictured together look great too! I really like that ripple pattern!

  8. Yay! I’m so glad your doctor’s visit went well & I’ll continue to hold you in my thoughts & prayers! Does your hospital accept Project Linus quilts, too? Your beautiful quilts & crocheted throws will be a wonderful & comforting gift to anyone who’s lucky enough to get one! Thanks for the update on your health & for showing us all your gorgeous handiwork!

  9. Wonderful news re your scan! Your donation quilts and afghans will surely bring comfort to those who receive them.

  10. Happy 😆 news about your last appointment! YaHooo! 🎊🎉 ….. Be safe……thinking of you with the crazy weather forecasts! 🙏

  11. Super news regarding your health. We all walk about crossing our fingers for the next test eh? Your lovely afghans will truly warm someones spirits. Thank you for all your volunteer time. Gail Norback

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