Hurricane prep

Dorian is heading for the east coast of Florida but it’s looking like we’re in for heavy winds and rain too. Keith emailed me earlier and asked if I thought we’d have to evacuate but I’m thinking we will NOT since the storm is coming from the east coast but I can’t say for sure. We’ll have to keep a close eye on the storm.

We’re directly west of that (H) sitting in the middle of the state and it’s a bit concerning that they think it will still be hurricane strength that long after hitting land.

I’ll still have time to finish up my cubby assembly tomorrow – it’s still days out but I can see our holiday weekend being spent getting ready for wind and rain.


  1. Will definitely be thinking of you and praying that the storm weakens considerably before making landfall!

  2. I hope it fizzles out before making landfall. I have family in Jacksonville and always worry about them too.

  3. Your cubbies are looking great. You have inspired me to try and rearrange my space. I have a small room though so I am not sure what exactly I can do. And I am procrastinating working on a quilt I have NO desire to do. Gook luck with the storm. I can’t imagine having to try and prepare for something like that. I do like watching storms though as long as I know I am safe and secure.

  4. Hi Mary! I have been thinking of you and will continue to send prayers your way. I hope you come through this with no damage. You cubby storage is looking great! What will you do with your old longarm? Just curious if they take trade-ins? ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. Stay safe, Mary. My sister lives in Jacksonville. Hope everyone is safe and all follow evac. notices, if issued.

  6. Stay safe; hopefully the hurricane won’t be as strong as predicted. Your reorganization is coming along nicely.

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