Last night I finished sewing a binding down and pulled out all the quilt trimmings I’d been shoving under the longarm to sort. All the backing leftovers were put in string bins or scrap drawers last night.

So first up this morning was to move all the bins that live under the longarm.

Luckily the longarm has castors so I was able to shove it over in the corner by myself!

Then I had to empty the first shelving unit … all that went in the other nook.

The empty shelving unit was moved out and I started assembling. It’s not complicated but the wood pegs were very tight and I struggled to get the shelves in all the way especially as it got bigger.

Once the smaller unit was assembled, I moved the stuff from the other two shelving units into the cubbies and got them out of the room. That batting isn’t going to stay on top there but I probably will have to store bins up there. The fabric needs refolding too, in wider, flatter folds but that will have to wait. My goal is to just get it on the shelves for now.

I’m happy with my progress today and am going to wait until tomorrow to start assembling the larger cubby but it’s all working out like I planned – it’s so nice to have a large enough room to be able to move stuff around to have the space to assemble these.


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