I struggled with this layer cake and chose a simple Hourglass Block in the end but I really like how it turned out. Very cute, very cheerful and another donation quilt is done.

I’m almost done with the cubby assembly but waiting for the next time Keith can run up and help. These are going to be so much more functional for me and look so much better in my sewing room. It will be great to have cubby storage again – I’ve missed them the last 5 years!!!


  1. Those cubbies really will look nice and so functional. I have one 4-cubbie unit in my sewing room but have been considering adding another one or even a larger one. Then I could eliminate some big baskets I’ve been using for storage.

  2. Hi Mary! Your Hour Glass quilt turned out so cute, and what a nice donation it will make. I just love how your cubbies look. Continuing to send good vibes for the hurricane and you. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. love the hourglass. you use a layer cake so are the hourglass blocks made from the 10″ squares or did you cut them into smaller size before making the hour glass? wondering what the size of the hourglass would be made with a 10″ square. My bee did a 10″ square swap and I have a bejillion of them. would be great to use them this way, I think?? can’t really tell the hourglass size from the photo.

  4. Love the colors in the hourglass quilt! Such a great donation quilt.
    Hoping for the best with the hurricane.

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