LOVE them!

I started out by showing you the cubbies I had the 8 years we were in Minneapolis…. I really missed them!

My Longarm and fabric storage at the Minneapolis apartment

My stash and longarm went to our GA condo when we moved back to FL in 2014 and then we decided to sell the condo and moved everything here in January 2018. I bought shelves that were meant to be temporary …. and they worked but were not what I wanted long term.

I’m thrilled to have cubbies again … Kallax shelving from Ikea. There’s enough room for some bins between the shelves and I’m going to look for a light to put on top of them. I’m in the process of pulling some fabric from the closet to the cubbies and those battings will go in the closet when I make space.

There’s still a lot of work to be done with the stash and reorganizing things but I’m happy it only took a couple days to get to this point!

And just for fun, when I was looking at old photos I came across this one of the stash storage in Marietta GA, before we moved to Minneapolis. We converted 3/4 of a 2 car garage for my studio and had these shelves built in. They were functional, but I really like the cubbies best. I’m thinking this photo was probably taken during the moving process … everything is a bit of a mess!


  1. Love your cubbies. I have 3 of the 8 cube Expedit shelves that I was able to buy from a friend who was moving to Florida, and two of the Billy bookcases to go along with them. Working on getting them set up with my quilting projects and as those works in progress get finished, they should work for the stash fabrics and the reference books. It will be a process. Appreciate your photos as inspiration and a goal to work towards.

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