A slight delay

I’d written that today was the delivery date for the new longarm but I got a call Sunday moving the delivery to Thursday. Hopefully all will go well tomorrow and I’ll be quilting a top on Friday … today I just continued to knit. You can see the blocks beginning to form.


  1. Delays can be good especially when you have a backup plan- love, love, love the color of your new knit blanket and pattern! Going to modify pattern for our church shawl/lap quilt ministry.

  2. Hope you have a wonderful day learning and playing with your new long arm! Love the knit blanket. Pretty color!

  3. Loving your new blanket! I am hoping since is is almost 1 pm your time, that the Innova is all set up and running! Have fun!

  4. Love that pattern!! Good luck with the new long arm today. Exciting!! Hopefully all goes well and you will be using it in no time.

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