Another one quilted

Hopefully I won’t forget everything I’ve figured out so far when I’m in Maine but I did get another Quick Strippie quilted this afternoon. I wanted something big and open in the novelty print that wouldn’t interfere with my print. My batting can be quilted 10 inches apart but I wanted something in that space so I used it as an opportunity to set up and quilt another pattern from the pantovision. It will take a little practice to smooth out those curves. It’s definitely different quilting these from the front, looking at the screen.

The loops are freehand quilted and the leaves are another Pantovision pattern. I went through and quilted all the narrow and wide strips and then set up another pattern in the pantovision to quilt those middle strips. You can see the leaf quilting better on the back.

I still had a few challenges but I’m definitely glad I made the change to the Innova… I wasn’t so sure yesterday!


  1. Super cute! I’m so happy your new “baby has arrived & you’re having fun playing. Big trip to Maine, eh? That will be f-u-n, right? Tell us all about it!

  2. You GO, Girl👍👍🤗🤗🤗!!! Your curves will better with practice. Only YOU noticed they weren’t as smooth as you would like. Practice, practice, PRACTICE😎😎😎😎.

  3. Your on a roll, Mary! Cute quilt!Glad you’re enjoying your new machine! It will take time and practice, but the two quilts I have seen so far look great!

  4. I’ve been reading all your posts about your new machine. It is like you are speaking a different language! I don’t understand all that you say but I can catch your enthusiasm. It also makes me realize how much practice has to go into using a long arm! It is not all fun and games though assuredly it looks like fun to me!

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