This is the first full pantograph I’ve done on the new machine and I’m not unhappy with the results. There’s definitely a learning curve changing from quilting them from the back to using the Pantovision but I don’t expect it to take me too long to retrain myself.

This was my July Arrow HST quilt from our Precut Challenge and the pantograph is Apex. While I used the digital version, there is also a paper version.

This is what the machine looks like in running view – again, my machine is not computerized. It is completely hand guided but the pantograph patterns are now digital rather than paper – I still quilt the pattern.

Here’s a view of the front of the quilt.

And the back, I think next time I might nudge the rows just a little closer.


  1. Hi Mary! I just love seeing all the details of your new machine and your new process. I’m guessing the red dot on the screen is your needle position as you follow along the panto? This looks like so much fun, and it’s wonderful that you can make adjustments to the design when you want. It isn’t that easy to do with paper! ~smile~ Roseanne

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