The dinosaur top is quilted. You can’t see much of the quilting from the front but that’s OK because the fabrics don’t need the competition but it does show up on the Minkee back.

Pantograph is Stegosaurus

I’ve already got it trimmed and the binding is on … can’t believe I’ve got 4 quilts waiting for the bindings to be finished! I’m going to work on one of them this afternoon.


  1. Oh that is a great quilting pattern for the Dino quilt. I love finding cute quilting patterns — my most used one is dog paws. Where do you go for your patterns?

  2. It looks great!! Someone is going to be very happy to get that quilt. Hand binding is my least favorite part of making a quilt. I have not found a sewn on method that I am happy with yet but still searching. In the meantime I still mostly hand sew the binding.

  3. Hi Mary! You’ve been on a quilting binge and rightfully so with that new machine awaiting your attention. Binding is always the best part for me, and a good evening project if you like to do it by hand. This sure turned out nicely! Love the whole thing but especially that quilting pattern that enhances and supports the design. ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. You really are on a tear, aren’t you? LOL! You go, girl! This little dinosaur quilt is super cute… what pattern is that? I love the panto you used on it. That’s your new one, isn’t it? It’s a cutie!

  5. Would love to know the pattern used for that dinosaur quilt. It is perfect for the fabric you used. Thanks.

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