All kinds of work going on

Unpacking, cleaning, cooking, knitting, binding …. we’re traveling again next week and have to get the house ready for company since Mom is coming home with us for an extended visit so it’s a busy weekend but Finn and I are taking an after dinner break … there will be more binding and maybe even some knitting tonight!

Keith is napping on the sofa too but he would NOT be happy if I snapped and shared a photo of that!


  1. Would like to make a simple quilt of greens I’ve collected and like the one above. Do you have other photos of this quilt?

  2. Busy, busy! You do travel a lot. It would be hard for me to stay focused on what needs to be done if I traveled that much. You seem to handle it well. I bet you are excited to have your mom stay for a while. I would have loved to have my mother as a sewing partner. She is gone now and never sewed but it would have been nice. Enjoy your special time with her.

  3. Hi Mary! You wore Finn out with all that busyness. Finn coordinates so well with that quilt – I’m sure it was planned that way. ~smile~ Roseanne

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