10 thoughts on “Labels

  1. I use the same labels. I think they are great and don’t take away from the looks of the quilt. Your hair looks very cute. And that Finn is one handsome boy!!


  2. No offense, but dogs are always cuter to me. My daughter has a pit bull mix that I love every picture of. I still either sign directly on the quilt or make a label by embroidery or printing on an inkjet block. I think I want to get labels and figure out what I want on it and realize i change a lot. No small labels. I have con sidered printed fabric who knows.


    1. I still make special labels that I design myself but I make and donate many quilts that just need a small label. Mom’s got some quilts that I will be quilting that will need some special ones and Caleb’s dinosaurs will get a special one too so I’ll be making at least 1 sheet of them. I use the Avery Label maker app and the printed treasures sheets.



  3. Thanks for reminding me about your label source. I’ll check it out. What fun that you and Finn both visited the “groomer.” I bet Finn is happy to have you home again.


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