#3 is quilted! Pantograph is Happy Times and I found this one pretty easy to quilt. I guess I’d forgotten that curves are harder to quilt smoothly while you’re learning and using the Pantovision is like learning to quilt pantographs all over again! Happy Times is a pantograph I’ve used a lot over the years so I’m glad to have the digital version now too. I’m probably going to use it on the next top too!

We had a little setback on the runner Mom is making. She’s planning to birth it rather than binding it and we layered it wrong – she’s done several of these and we both said we should look it up but we ended up doing it wrong so she’s picking out the stitches now so we can layer it in the correct order!


  1. I’ve layered things wrong so often…! Good thing that there wasn’t anyone with a camera close by when it happened!

  2. What a super pretty quilt! Sorry to hear about the runner. Birth is never easy, eh? LOL! Hey, if it’s any consolation, I’ve done the very same thing… more times that I’m going to admit to!

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