More progress

Mom finished binding the Turtles the other night … it turned out so cute! As I said, it’s from the 2nd Animal Parade book.

I can’t show you the two runners we got put together today because they’re Christmas presents.. all the appliqué is fused and ready for her to stitch down when she gets home. I also got the HST diamond quilt trimmed and the binding on and ready for Mom to stitch down – she won’t get it done tonight because Keith has decided it’s game night!

5 thoughts on “More progress

  1. I just love that turtle quilt. So cute!! Game night will be a nice break from all the sewing you girls have done. I’m really curious to see the table runners now. Hopefully you will be able to show them off at some point.


  2. Hi Mary and Mom! This turtle quilt turned out so cute. The expressions on the turtle face’s are so friendly and happy. And the strips continue that happy feeling. Wonderful job! ~smile~ Roseanne


  3. Agreed! that is one VERY cute quilt! Love the fabrics and how sweet the turtles expressions are. Mom and you sure have fun!


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