I told Mom that I don’t really work on the weekends but I do putter a bit in the sewing room between other weekend activities so today we cut and kitted 4 Strippies for her to take home with her and even cut one for me after I made a mistake in cutting the wrong size strips for one of them…. I was supposed to be cutting 3 inch strips and cut 2.5 by mistake … no problem, those will be a binding now.

We had a lunch date with Keith and then took a drive along the bay and over to Davis Island. I love the view of downtown from Ballast Point Park.

We were back in the sewing room for a little bit before heading to Mass and then enjoyed some time on the porch with Keith before he fixed us dinner … all in all a wonderful Saturday!

6 thoughts on “Puttering

  1. Your mom looks so good! I am happy for you both to be able to have such a pleasant time together, with cooperative weather!


  2. What a wonderful and beautiful day!! That is such a cute picture of you and your Mom. And kudos to Keith for helping make your day a good one. A blessed day for sure!!


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