Just like in January, Mom’s beginners luck held out … she won two games but Keith did squeak out one win last night! Unfortunately, I lost all three games but I did come close to winning twice….for what that’s worth!

Norece sent me a photo of her windmill quilt – instructions are on my website. This is one that I designed in RWB but made in brights … I really need to make a RWB version too!

I love seeing the quilts inspired by those on my blog and website!

7 thoughts on “Yahtzee

  1. Wow, your Mom is even good at Yahtzee! What a fun evening! And love the windmill quilt. Too many quilts designs out there and not enough time is my problem. I have a file folder thing with separations. They are separated by where the patterns came from as I have few designers I like better than others. Your designs are in there. I need to lock myself away somewhere and just sew, sew, sew. LOL, I wish!! Have a good weekend!

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  2. Hi Mary! I agree – I love seeing quilts inspired by your patterns as well. I also agree with Janice – so many great designs out there and not enough time. Almost winning does count for having a good time with your peeps! ~smile~ Roseanne


  3. I miss playing games. The kids were always up for a game of Yahtzee, Michigan Rum/Tripoly, Aggravation, Dominoes or card games. The closest I can get to it now is playing a game on my tablet (which I am weaning myself from). Terry hates playing games unless there are more people here than just me.
    xx, Carol


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