One more bound

Mom almost looks likes she’s napping in this photo but she was busy binding quilt #3. She‘ll have a little break from binding because I loaded her schoolhouse top today but haven’t started quilting it yet.

While she was binding I was working up some quilt instructions for her. We often see photos of quilts she likes online but there are no patterns and they need adjusting to suit her needs so I end up doing the calculations and drafting for her


  1. You and your mother make such a good team, Mary! Between the two of you, how many quilts have you made? You both have been so generous with your time!

  2. Precious picture!! Crop n frame n give to each family member for Christmas It’s so natural!!!

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  3. Hi Mary! Your posts are so uplifting. I just love how you two work together and have fun. Your kindness and love for each other are reflected in every photo. ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. I love the sailboat pattern. The two of you work together like a well oiled machine. It’s not just the quantity of the quilts you turn out that is impressive, the quality and variety are amazing.

  5. Your Mom looks so cute sitting there stitching away. What a wonderful picture! You make a good team that’s for sure.

  6. Yes, your patterns really do look professional! I can’t even figure out how much backing I need for a quilt!! I’m so lousy with numbers! I could never work out a pattern myself!

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