We’re still working!

I loaded and quilted Mom’s schoolhouse quilt and have it trimmed and the binding ready for her to hand stitch down.

Call me lazy but I just don’t do custom quilting anymore … not that I ever did a lot of it! I’ve always got tops waiting for quilting and if I can’t do a Pantograph or overall freehand quilting, it’s not going to be quilted by me! Luckily, Mom is always perfectly happy with whatever I’m willing to quilt on her tops. This one just got some all over freehand flowers. I would have quilted a pantograph but because of the width and the way I need to load the minkee backing, (selvages perpendicular to the rollers) I had to load this one sideways and I didn’t have a good panto choice that I thought would work sideways.

The Minkee can be a bit of a pain sometimes but I didn’t have any problems with this one.

While I’ve been quilting, Mom has been working on her table runners … I wish I could share photos because they’re turning out very cute but they’re gifts and she doesn’t want me to spoil the surprise! She’s working on the 4th one now and when she gets the appliqué fused, she‘ll get all 4 layered and pin basted here so all she will have to do is quilt or appliquilt them when she gets home.


  1. Busy, busy!! The school house quilt is so cute. That would be a perfect gift for a special teacher. And your quilting is perfect. I mostly have the quilting done edge to edge with the same pattern. It is so much cheaper than custom. But I have made a few really time consuming and special quilts that I did have custom done.

  2. What a spectacular quilt! I love it! I love the panto you used on it & that Minkee looks so soft & yummy! You & Mom sure are a great team!

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