Bound already!

Keith is still out of town so Mom and I had a quiet evening in the library … and she sat and stitched down the entire binding!

I told you that you’d be seeing lots of photos of Mom binding this trip. Rather than send her home with all these quilts to bind, I told her to bring her bindings with her and that I’d get the quilts trimmed and the bindings machine stitched on after I quilted them so she could sit in the evenings and hand stitch them down. This is #4 of 7 and it’s already done!

And while she was binding I did some work for her on her iPad and then worked on setting up a group on where I hope I’m going to be able to transfer my HeartStrings group. Yahoo groups has had problems for a while and has just announced that they will no longer be allowing user content to be uploaded (files and photos) and that many other features would be going away too. I’m hoping I’ll be able to transfer us somewhere without a lot of issues or drama and the first step is to trial the site to see if it fits our needs.


  1. Hi Mary! Oh, I hadn’t heard that about YahooGroups. Darn. I belong to a few groups but only one is still active. Of course, people share photos in the group. I guess we’ll have to find a new platform. I love seeing all the photos of Mom enjoying herself! It makes my heart happy for you two. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. That quilt looks bigger than I thought it was in your quilting post! Poor mom is going to run out of work! 😉

  3. I heard yesterday about Yahoo groups. I knew it was probably coming because there have been problems for a couple of years. I’m impressed your Mom was able to finish binding a large quilt in one evening!

  4. I am in a dyers group and we had to move off Yahoo a couple of years ago when our original founder died. We were having so many problems with it that we decided to go ahead and move to Facebook in a private group. No one can find the group in search. People can only join if they are invited. That’s probably more restrictive than you want but it works well for us…..although I still pretty much hate Facebook.

  5. Our quilting yahoo group moved to Facebook several years ago and is a closed quilting and stitching group and it has worked quite well. Only members can recommend members and we can have files and photo albums.

  6. So many groups have moved to FB. I hate FB. When I am bored I go there to look at projects that are posted and to see if my kids have posted pictures for me to steal. it looks like is welcoming Yahoo groups and trying to make it easy as possible for yahoo groups to move there. Your mom looks so happy to be stitching. I’m glad you two visit each other so often.
    xx, Carol

  7. GroupsIO seems to work well for email based groups… one advantage of Facebook is the ability to include photos in posts.

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