Wow, what a busy 2 and a half days! All our company is gone and they’ll head out in the morning straight from their hotels. Chris and his family going home and Brian and his family heading out for a cruise. Mom was expecting the visit from Chris but we kept the fact that Brian would be visiting too as a surprise.

The visit ended in a birthday party for Rae and Chris … yes, there were two cakes as the birthday boy and girl each had their own preferences. Luckily, I only had to bake one of them!

We also welcomed a new family member today – my niece Laura had a little boy and that makes my youngest sister a first time granny! Welcome to the club Maureen!

Mom and I will get back to work on Monday but I plan to rest tomorrow!


  1. Hi Mary! A deserved rest you have earned indeed. How wonderful that you could all get together. Congrats to Maureen and HB to the birthday kids. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. What a nice surprise for your Mom. And a busy but fun time for everyone. It’s always fun to have company but it does wear us out. Enjoy a nice relaxing day today. We had new carpet installed throughout our house and now I have to put my sewing room back together. It will be a big job as I have a lot of stuff. I need to get rid of some things which is always hard. That’s what I will be doing today.

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