Back to work!

Mom got all her runners layered and pin basted and I loaded and quilted her hearts … #5 of 7 is now done!

This is a new pantograph – it’s one that came with the machine and it just has a number not a name. I love the look of it on the back of this quilt.

I don’t love it as much on the front but it’s OK and it’s done. I will definitely use the panto again, but hopefully on a quilt that it suits better.


  1. Hi Mary! I love how this pattern looks on the backing. That closeup shot shows me how I can sew it on my DSM without a panto. Of course, it will not be perfect . . . but it kind of reminds me of birds flying, and I love how it is continuous. Beautiful. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. I just love the heart quilt! And I think the pantograph looks great on front and back. I have only had one quilt come back to me with quilting I thought looked a little odd for the quilt. I had used a new quilter and she is very good but I think she made a bad decision on that one. It was beautiful quilting just didn’t go with the quilt in my opinion. My usual quilter is amazing and I just tell her to do what she thinks is best. The only problem is she is backed up 4 to 5 months. She does a lot of custom designs. I just love the progress you both make when working together.

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