Lady Luck

Mom’s a homebody like me so she doesn’t have to be going out all the time but I was ready for an outing today so we went to lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe and decided to play the slot machines – it’s not really Mom’s thing but I think they’re fun even though I rarely get the chance to play them.

We’d been teasing Mom about being lucky at Yahtzee and luck was with her again today – she started out playing with $5 and after a few small losses and wins, ended up with a $200 win! She cashed out right away … and at $205, even had her original $5 stake!

I was also lucky, I started with $20 and ended up with $85 … sadly Keith lost his $40 but it was fun!

Cashing in!

7 thoughts on “Lady Luck

  1. Oh I love this!!! I go to the casino with my daughters every couple of months. My daughters and I always stay the night on our birthdays too. We have been known to stay awake the entire night if we are on a lucky streak. And I am 72 yrs young…lol. My daughter insists they must put something into the AC to keep us awake. Not sure about that since it takes me a couple of days to recover. Well you and your Mom deserved this fun break! I am also a homebody. We only travel once or twice a year and I am perfectly happy with that. Love seeing you and your Mom enjoying your time together.


  2. Fun time for all of you…maybe not so much for Keith, lol. I have an addictive personality. It’s hereditary. I don’t dare drink or gamble. Except my friends and I would get together many years ago on Friday nights for nickle, dime, quarter Poker nights. I LOVED that and it could not get out of control so it was great fun. I miss those friends who are one by one gone now.
    xx, Carol


  3. I am pretty cheap, and usually limit myself to $20 when gambling. But it’s fun to do it occasionally. I did have a big win on my $20 in Vegas last time, but that is definitely not the usual outcome. I’m more in kine with Keith’s luck.


  4. Wow! That was a profitable evening. I’m sure one of you treated Keith to some coffee or ice cream as a consolation prize.


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