My blocks are done

This is just going to be a small lap size quilt so my Hunter’s Star blocks are done. Mom wanted to try a small runner before committing to anything bigger so the two blocks on the (L) side of mine are hers. The runner will have 3 blocks and a couple small borders and I’ll add one or two borders to mine too. The Accuquilt GO die really does make this one easy.

9 thoughts on “My blocks are done

  1. Such a pretty combination of fall colors. I did a Hunter’s Star wallhanging a couple of years ago but with only 2 colors. It’s pretty, but I like this variation of color much better.


  2. Ooh! I love your Hunter’s Star! Such beautiful colors!

    I made this quilt using Thangles earlier this year but it was more work than I want to do again…


  3. Oooh, what a beautiful (& timely) “Hunter’s Star”! I just love the colors! I’ve always wanted to make one but have always been too intimidated by them. I love yours! Thanks for showing it to us!


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