A quick visit

Adam is here for a quick overnight visit to see Mom. We picked him up at the airport, had lunch, went to Michael’s (both my boys are enjoy creative activities as a result of lots of crafty time growing up!), came back to the house …

Played some dominoes… and we got beat by Mom!

Had some more time before dinner so we went up to the sewing room and Adam drew Mom a cardinal while we made some more Hunter’s Star blocks.
I managed to clear away just enough space on the desk!

Dinner out and more dominoes to finish off the evening … we’ll have some time with him tomorrow and then he’ll fly back to Atlanta around dinner time.

5 thoughts on “A quick visit

  1. Adam is an excellent artist. His cardinal looks just like the one outside my window this morning. A short but sweet visit.


  2. Hi Mary! Wow, Adam has quite a drawing talent. Does he get to use it in his everyday life? I hope so, or I hope he enjoys drawing. It would be a shame to waste that talent! ~smile~ Roseanne


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