The last one

This is the last photo you’ll see of Mom binding this trip. It’s #8 of 8 and the other ones are already washed and ready to go home with her.

All the Hunter’s Star blocks are made and the borders cut and a last minute wall hanging was cut and kitted this afternoon too. Mom’s going to have a LOT of work to do when she gets home.

Chris and Mo are coming to visit tomorrow so our sewing time has pretty much come to an end … we’ll finish up a few loose ends and get everything ready to load in the car during the day tomorrow. We’ll have a couple days next week before we leave to drive back to VA but I’m ready to relax so I don’t plan to work much!


  1. It’s so wonderful that you have a shared hobby, and the time to spend together working on your quilts!

  2. I was wondering how she was going to be within her baggage weight on the plane with all the quilts…but now I see you are driving. So wonderful that the two of you enjoy making quilts together! You do beautiful work!

  3. Love all the pics of thee momma at work What is the quilt behind her ?? Both are stunning!! So glad you two had such a great visit and had so Many drop in visitors!!! Such sweet memories made!! Blessed!!

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  4. I love that you and your mother share this…these pictures have been heartwarming. And you’ve gotten so much accomplished this visit!

  5. Can’t believe it’s nearly time for the return trip. You’ve certainly accomplished a great deal during your time together between quilting and visiting with family. I’m already looking forward to your mom’s next visit! 🙂

  6. I’ve really enjoyed seeing all the photos of you and your Mom working together. You have made some beautiful quilts. You both deserve some rest time now. Enjoy your visit with your son and granddaughter!

  7. That was a lot of work for your mom while she was visiting, but she looks likes she’s enjoying the process. Her eyes must be pretty good!

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