Sarah from LoveCrafts.com invited me to participate in their Blog Personality of the Year Contest by blogging about Why I Make.

For me, the answer to that question is that it’s Caring put into action.

Although I haven’t worked as an RN for a number of years, the reason I chose my career is that I wanted to physically care for people in need. I wanted to make a difference. 

In my post nursing life, I still feel the need to make a difference and I do that by focusing my creative life on making items that are beautiful, functional and provide warmth.

I design and make quilts, knit hats, scarves, and baby blankets and crochet blankets all with the purpose of donating them to people in need, those going through difficult times, or as a thank you to veterans who have served our country.

I share my creative activities here on the blog and through my MaryQuilts.com website, I provide brief instructions for my quilts and am always thrilled to hear that individuals and groups are using them to make quilts for donation. It feels great to know that I am contributing on a larger scale by inspiring and providing the free instructions for other quilters. 

Many of my crochet and knit items are made from free patterns I’ve found on Ravelry – you can see my projects and find the patterns I’ve used for them at this link.


  1. If there was a “love” icon, instead of a “like”, I would send it Mary! You have and continue to be such a motivator and inspiration to me and so many of us who visit your Blog! (((hugs)))

  2. And we thank you for your generosity in sharing patterns with other people wanting to make beautiful things.

  3. Yes! Thank you not only for sharing your quilts etc. but also for generoulsly sharing your patterns and inspiration!

  4. I so admire your commitment to helping others. Your generosity is an inspiration to us all. I admire the time you and your Mom spend on creating such works of beauty. AND, THANK YOU, for all the patterns you share with us. For free!

  5. I know that I have told you before how much appreciate your blog and you for sharing your skill and knowledge and patterns as well. This is one of my favorite places to visit and never miss reading a post even though I sometimes don’t comment. I’ll go check out the contest and see how to vote for you.
    xx, Carol

  6. I’m one who reads your blog, is inspired by the volume of your work, and also tries to give back as much as I can. While I generally make quilts, with your inspiration, I may try some of those ripple afghans this winter. My grandmother used to make them. Thanks for all you do.

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