This is the first time I’ve attached a Pom Pom to one of my hats. Luckily, it wasn’t too difficult and the Pom Pom came pre-made with the yarn – Caron Cupcake

While I was working on hats, I wove the ends in on this stranded design. Not something I’d do again but I might try one with slip stitches. I just don’t like the loose strands on the inside. It’s a little small for the hat head so it’s kind of stretched out.


  1. Mary, I love your hats! Have you ever heard of the Magic Knot for attaching a new yarn color to your project? I use it now all the time when I crochet baby blankets and never have to weave in the yarn ends anymore. I found tutorials for it on the internet.

  2. Those hats are cute! I’ve seen the yarn with the pompom and often wondered how to work it out so that the pompom ends up in JUST the right spot…. I’m sure that it’s easier than it seems.
    Have you seen the yarn with a stuffed animal attached to it? Same idea as the pompom, but different animal heads. I think that the yarn is called “Top This”.

  3. Love the hats! I seldom add pom poms to hats, unless they are requested. Weaving ends is not one of my favorite knitting activities.

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