Making a start on my list

It’s Sunday and while I thought we’d take a bike ride, it was in the low 50’s today so we decided we’d walk over and watch some football at the local pub instead. We only watched the first half and it wasn’t looking good for the Vikings when we left but they won!

Keith’s Redskin’s are doing so poorly this year, it’s hard for him to get excited … he didn’t even wear his team colors today … I’ll be glad when Movember is over and he shaves! – I know it’s a good cause and Men’s health deserves attention but I prefer him clean shaven!

I started back to work today (I didn’t do anything yesterday after getting home!!! 32 hours of driving in 4 days … I was TIRED!)

This morning I started the rectangle blocks from the leftover jelly roll strips and I started and already cast off the first hat too – I snapped this photo before I was done but I won’t have another photo before the ends are woven in and I’m going to try to put a PomPom on it.

The yarn is Caron Cupcake and I’m not really following a pattern except for the number of stitches and the crown decreases. The pattern that comes with the yarn is knit flat and then seamed but I prefer to knit in the round.

This is the time of year I like to make hats for a couple little girls! I already have two others made so I’ll probably do one more of these and then I have plans for some donation hats.

It’s fun to look back through my photos and see pictures of the girls wearing the hats that Gram made them! Do you knit or crochet hats?!


  1. You’re right… it wasn’t looking good for the Vikings there for a while (thus it WAS looking good for my Broncos) but then the Broncos forgot they were supposed to be playing football & y’all did GOOD! Congrats! I hear the Vikings are a team to really watch this year! Unlike my Broncos…

  2. I really need to make a hat for my granddaughter, especially since my daughter asked me to, but haven’t had time with moving and unpacking. Just found my knitting needles last week! Maybe for next year!

  3. Hi Mary! Gosh, what cute hats and girls wearing said hats. Adorable. I do not knit or crochet hats (or anything, for that matter) but when I see these cute gems it sure makes me want to! ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. I love to knit, but am slow….or at least I think I’m slow at it. I’ve knit a hat or two, but I end up crocheting hats. I can make one in an evening and have found a homeless shelter that will take all that I make, so win-win! ~Mindy

  5. You are a fast knitter. And very pretty colors for that hat. I can knit but it is not easy. I prefer Crochet but have not found a good crochet hat pattern I like so haven’t made very many. And I also prefer my husband clean shaven.

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