This top pieced from the leftover Jelly Roll strips from Mom’s Bento box counts for my October’s precut … just a little late but I did help Mom with hers and quilted it so it’s kind of like doing 2 for the month!

I think both of these little ones turned out really cute! The Jelly Roll was on sale at BluPrint when I bought it – add a background fabric and you get two small quilts – not a bad deal!

I’m also making progress on the ripple afghan. These are so easy to do but look so nice in the Caron Big Cake yarn!

I’m going to run over to Michaels later and look for some “guy” hat yarn and I might just check to see if they have any of the Big Cakes on sale … not that I need more yarn but I’m OK with buying on sale as long as it’s being used!


  1. Both are very cute quilts, and what a deal to get two quilts with one jelly roll. And as always, love those afghans and the colors.

  2. I fell for that Bento quilt when your Mom was working on it. That is on my wish list to make in 2020. I also love your quilt. I’m also working on a Ripple with a Caron cake — Blueberry, which is actually 4 shades of green and a lavender. It’s great for the nursing home..

  3. Love both of your quilts! Was the Bento Box hard? I have 2 different patterns for it — one for jelly rolls & one for FQs but have yet to tackle either of them. If mine could turn out as cute as yours, I’d do it in a heartbeat! Thanks for the inspiration!

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