I loaded and quilted my oldest UFO today – my Hexagon Flowers and 9 patch top. I don’t have the exact year but I think it was started sometime around 2003 or 2004. It got tucked away and even “lost” through several moves and I “found” the hexagon flowers last year when we moved all my sewing stuff from Big Canoe to Tampa. I decided to appliqué the flowers and alternate them with 9 patch blocks and was really happy with the result. I’ll get it bound and finished before the end of the year.

The pantograph is one that came with my new Pantovision and is called JSPanto 155. I’m sure these are published pantographs somewhere but I don’t have anything to go on other than the file name. I wanted something open that didn’t detract from the flowers on this but I’m not sure that the size is exactly where I want it – it was 11 inches tall and I didn’t change that. Maybe next time I use this one, I’ll try it at 10 inches tall. Being able to quilt my pantographs at different sizes is one of the reasons I wanted the new longarm with Pantovision but I’m learning that it takes a little trial and error to get just the right size!


  1. Wow! What a unique-looking quilt! And by “unique-looking”, I don’t mean weird (LOL)… I mean singular. I’ve never seen one like it & I really like it! C’mon, tho… you don’t have any older UFOs? How long have you been quilting? I think I may have some from the 90’s!

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