A quick weekend

Wow, that was a quick weekend around here! No sewing was done but I did manage to knit and crochet and we got a bike ride in today … it was gorgeous!

I’ve got a bit of a jumble going on right now on my side table … I’ve let myself start a couple more hats and while I’m making progress on the blanket, it’s not done yet.

And Finn’s been dealing with an ear infection but is doing much better today.


  1. Poor Finn, I hope the infection is resolved soon. My whole apartment is a jumble at the moment with Christmas decoration boxes everywhere. I’m going away for Thanksgiving and would like to come home to a festive apartment.

  2. Poor Finn but happy he is doing better. Yes, you do have a few projects going. I wish I could say the same. I did make a little progress on the moose quilt I am making for my daughter and son-in-laws cabin. Every little bit helps. Beautiful day for a bike ride for sure!!

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