Stay at home retreat

I’ve been planning a stay at home retreat for the holiday weekend and I got an early start. Keith and I decided to come home early so I jumped right in pulling blues from my scrap bin. I’m not trying to be real matchy matchy but I am picking and choosing which blues I’m going to use. That bin is still pretty full isn’t it?

After the blues, I pulled some neutrals and reds.

I’m finally ready to try out the BlueWren die I bought a couple months ago. It’s a 6 inch finished quarter square triangle die and it was way cheaper even with international shipping than having a custom die made. So far I’m really happy with how the die is performing although the mat does curve with each pass, they tell you that is a good way to remind you to flip the mat over and use the other side and it is.

I didn’t intend to put a border on this hourglass quilt but I’d forgotten I had some fabric with states printed on it … now I just need to decide whether to use the blue or red state fabric and finish making the blocks too!

And as an added bonus, Stephanie just announced that December’s precut is triangles … so this one will be my project for our Precut Party!

Are you sewing this holiday week? What will you be working on?


  1. If my flu/cold/Black Plague continues to feel better, I DO plan to do some sewing this weekend (especially is we get as much snow as they’re predicting). I need to make a Jelly Roll Race (I know… boring but I need something quick since time’s a’wastin’) for the “Y” auction quilt that I always make for their February auction. My long armer heads South after the holiday so I don’t have a minute to waste. Plus, I may so a little online fabric shopping, too.

    I sure do like your “Hourglass” quilt! Super cute!

  2. Nice! I’ll be working on a QOV Mystery QAL this weekend. I used the same states fabric (both red and blue) for some QOV backings. Enjoy your sewing retreat.

  3. Hi Mary! How fun – that blue scrap bin is pretty darn full. It’s nice to use some of that up, isn’t it?! I will be sewing a lot this holiday weekend, I hope. I have two deadline pieces that have to be finished by end-of-day Saturday. No decorating until that is complete! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. I am sewing this weekend also, quilting and binding 5 flannel quilts! I’ve been working on the tops all month! Re: your red, white, blue hourglass quilt. Very nice, and good that you are using up your scraps. I’ve been stash busting all year! Go with the red states border, I think it enhances the quilt better than the blue. Maybe you could use the blue on the back!

  5. Love your hourglass quilt. I think I like the red border the best but either would be nice. I will hopefully get some sewing done this weekend. I have a 27 yr old granddaughter who is showing interest in sewing so I am hoping she is ready to make a rag quilt this weekend. So far she is just making bandanas for her dogs…lol. It’s a start. She has never used a sewing machine and so far is doing well. Unfortunately while I am teaching her how to use a rotary cutter etc., I get very little of my own sewing done. Your mother has inspired me to make some table runners as gifts and I need to get busy!!! Happy Thanksgiving!! So much to be thankful for this year!!

  6. It’s amazing how scrap bins never seem to empty! I’m not sewing this week, but did finish up my last afghan for Christmas gifts this year. I made 7 of them…6 twin-size with drape for nieces and nephews and a slightly smaller one for a friend who went through a divorce this year. Last week was my sewing time and I made up over 40 cloth napkins for us to use. Most were seasonal in sets of 4, so they will pretty up the table when the time comes to use them. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!!

  7. Hi Happy Thanksgiving, I just want to input on the border choice I like the red one . Thank you for this blog I so love it.

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