Not without issues … this should have been quick and easy but I had a lot of thread breakage – I was quilting faster than I have on this machine but not THAT fast. I’m still adjusting to the new longarm and I have to say some days I just wish I had my Gammill … but then on other days I’m happy with the features and stitch quality on the Innova. I really did expect that the transition period would be short and easy but after so many years, I was comfortable with my machine and I am having to make some adjustments.

Nothing fancy, this top is so busy that I felt some simple dwirling would give it texture which is all it needed.

2 thoughts on “Quilted

  1. I agree with your quilting decision. IMHO, when the fabric or pattern is “busy”, the quilting pattern shouldn’t “fight” or “compete” with it. This is a great little quilt! Is it a QOV?


  2. Love the quilt Mary. Is that pattern on your website? Looks like a wonderful stash buster. The quilting design is perfect too. I agree that it can be difficult to switch from one brand of long arm to another. I did that when I went from my old APQS to the Prodigy. With my old long arm I knew all the “sounds”, and what they meant. What the old long arm liked, or didn’t. Truly it took me almost a year to get to know “Polly”. It’s a bonding process that just takes time I think you are doing wonderfully well with your new Innova.


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