Retreat progress

It was a beautiful day and I didn’t stay inside and sew ALL day … there was a bike ride and lunch on the water … and some porch time.

But I still managed to finish all the blocks for the hourglass quilt. Keith doesn’t like this one but I do! I’m still debating the border … red or blue states?! Keith votes blue to calm it down but I almost think the red looks best.

I also got a top loaded and am going to go up and start the quilting now.


  1. Hi Mary! Retreat away, friend. A girl has to eat, right?! The bike ride and lunch on the water was a nice diversion to clear your head for more sewing time. Have fun! I like the red better, too. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Absolutely the red, how about a wide strip of that for the outer border and a narrower one for an inner border? I love the quilt — happy Thanksgiving to you!

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