1. Remember back to your days in the northland. Decorations go up early so we beat the snow and ice. I always think white lights look so classy and brighten our world.

    Kathy in WI

    On Friday, November 29, 2019, Making Scrap Quilts from Stash wrote:

    > Mary posted: ” I love this time of year and spend a lot of time on the > porch … and I love it even more when Keith puts up my Xmas lights! I know > it’s early but my porch is magical with the lights on! We’re sitting out > here now listening to music. ” >

  2. Our lights are goig up tomorrow. We just turned off the AC about 10 days ago and today the heat went on. Our son in one vehicle, pulling a trailer and DIL pulling a trailer with an off road vehicle on it, hit snow in Hemet and Banning, CA. They were coming from Encinitas, CA (they live 1 mile from the beach). Our oldest son is here from Honolulu and will help DH put up the roof lights tomorrow. That is about our Xmas decorating anymore, we are not here for Xmas and decorating a huge tree with no one here to enjoy it is just too much anymore. Thanksgiving was done here in Rancho Mirage at Laura’s weekend home. It is a large home with a pretty patio and golf course. Kids are usually in the pool or out on the golf course. This year was only in the 40’s and they had the fireplace on plus the heater. I do half the dinner and Laura’sfamily does the other half. The meal was great and we had a wonderful time.

    A perfect Thanksgiving with both my boys (and a dog) sleeping here at home. Too many dogs at the other house so Todd stayed here.

    A perfect Thanksgiving in my book.

  3. Love love love your lights. Here in Michigan the longer people leave their white icicle lights up, the better. They brighten our spirits and the dark dark nights. I look forward to your postings and pictures every day. Thank you for inspiring everyone.

  4. Hi Mary! Love, love, LOVE this photo. I would spend all my evenings and early morning out there before I went to work. So pretty! ~smile~ Roseanne

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