Time flies and the end of the year is approaching quickly!!!

I’m pretty happy with my accomplishments this week … I planned time each day (and night) for sewing and got through a fair amount.

  • pieced the hourglass blocks and the top is half assembled.
  • bound two quilts
  • quilted one top
  • finished the ripple afghan
  • made half of the chandelier blocks

Now I have 3 weeks left to work before my company arrives for Christmas week and a couple days after they leave before the end of the year and I have a list for what I want to accomplish in that time too.

  • Finish the hourglass and chandelier tops
  • quilt 2 tops
  • bind 3 quilts
  • make at least 3 hats
  • start a set of Rainbow HeartStrings blocks
  • finish the last wool felt stocking

I also have a fair amount of prep work around the house getting ready for company and the holidays. Luckily, I’m not traveling at all this month.


  1. You have accomplished so much I can see why you are pleased. I sewed until 10pm last night trying to finish the moose quilt. I don’t like sewing at night and did make a mistake so had to get the seam ripper out. I hate when that happens!! Hopefully I can finish it today and then take 2 quilts to the quilter. This is when I would really like to have a long arm so I can just get them completed. Now I will have to wait 2 to 3 months to get them back and ready for binding. I have no doubt you will get everything on your list done before your Christmas company arrives. Can’t wait to see your chandelier quilt!

  2. You will get it all done I’m sure. I am cleaning our camper out after being gone for five weeks. I will sit down soon and figure out what days I’ll be able to finish my 3 quilts on the long arm. The baking and candy will be made the last few days before Christmas. December is always busy.

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