This is my Kite quilt – blocks were cut with the Accuquilt Kite die and I set them with wider than usual sashing based on a vintage quilt I found on eBay. Since the sashing was wider than I usually make it, I decided 4 patches would look better than large squares as the cornerstones. I don’t have complete instructions for this one but if you have the die and want to look at my quilt notes you can find them on my website at this link.

Pantograph was free (the digital version) from Urban Elementz – Raindrops. I like this one and will definitely use it again. One thing I’m loving about my new machine is the ability to resize pantographs. I sized this one to take full advantage of my quilting space and was able to quilt 3 passes before having to roll the quilt.


  1. Hi Mary! This is such a pretty quilt – I adore those little four-patches in the sashing. And that quilting pattern is nice too – how great that it was free. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. I’ve been helping with driving for a friend who is losing her sight. She wants repay me in some way, so I asked that I be able to borrow her Accuquilt cutter. I bought this die and hope to use it soon. Thanks for showing something using it.

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