I finished the binding on the Kite quilt in the middle of the night … I’m completely on a “stay up all night, sleep half the day” schedule but as long as I’m making progress I’m trying not to let it bother me too much.

These blocks were cut using the Accuquilt GO Kite die so I didn’t post instructions for making the blocks but if you have the die, I do have some quilt notes on my website at this link – Kite Quilt


  1. From one person who has her days & nights mixed up to another (LOL!), this is adorable! I just love it! That border fabric is PERFECT! Great job, as usual!!

  2. Really cute quilt!! I wish I was on that kind of schedule, I might get some sewing done that way. And that’s one of the advantages of retirement, you can have what ever schedule works for you.

  3. You have been so productive lately. I managed to drag out the hand stitching on the binding for the cat quilt over nearly 2 weeks. I kept putting it down and doing other things.

  4. I know you hate sashing, but those cornerstones just make this sparkle. I work 10 hour swings most of the time, but we’re on moratorium for Christmas so I’m enjoying being a morning person again for a few weeks.

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