My HST diamond top is quilted. Pantograph is Happy Times. Brief instructions are on my website and if this one looks familiar, it’s because Mom loved it so much she made the exact same quilt and I quilted for her while she was here in October!

I’m so happy with all my progress! I’ve worked my way through my list with plenty of time to spare. This one needs binding and I’m probably going to quilt another one next week just because there’s time but I’m ready to start some string blocks!


  1. Fabulous! I bought Happy Times because of you. I’ve used it twice this last week and it really looks great! Thank you for always sharing your panto choice. I also bought Jilly-haven’t tried her yet 😉

  2. Ding! Ding! Ding! We have another winner right here! Per usual, I’m loving this little beauty! Girl, you just amaze me. You get tons of stuff done & it ALL looks like a million bucks! You put Martha Stewart to shame… LOL! Thanks for sharing this with us (P. S: Loving that panto!).

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