Squirrel attack

Keith and I biked to Ballast Point for lunch today and as we were sitting outside eating, the squirrels were watching us … this particular one was up on a ledge near our table and I laughed and said that he looked like he was ready to pounce and even took a photo of him … just a few minutes later he did POUNCE but quickly ran off when I screamed! Seriously, I never really expected him to jump on me but as Keith said later, he had that look that Finn does just before he jumps in your lap!

After my trauma, I came home and made some more string blocks … a couple years ago we did a HeartStrings block drive and made light and dark blocks. I made a set and sent them in but have always wanted to make another set and finish the quilt myself. Here’s my set from two years ago …

And here are the blocks I have done today … that center strip is actually a dark brown not a black fabric.

I also got the HST diamond quilt trimmed and the binding is machine stitched on and ready for hand stitching and I started just one more hat … there was enough of the skein leftover for another beanie so I decided I’d go ahead and knit it now but I am going to start a blanket after this one!


  1. Many years ago you gave a presentation on Heartstring quilts to our guild in New Ulm,MN. We are still making them and giving them to all the patients in the local oncology unit. The medical center recently announced to us that they will be giving us a large monetary gift every year to help fund the project. Many thanks to you, Mary, for starting us on our way to this fun and charitable projectt. If you are ever in MN and have time to come visit our guild again, we would love it! Keep up your good work.

  2. Yikes – that squirrel attack really freaked me out.

    Your blocks are going to be fantastic with those darker rich colors paired with the warm creams. Great color choices as always.

  3. I love, love, love your latest string creation — it’s so warm & homey-looking. I can’t wait to see it all put together!

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